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311 39 Falkenberg Sweden
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A clean municipality is a safe municipality

With TiksPac's trash bags we can all work together to keep the environment clean. We do this by putting up recycling stations with free trash bags in strategic and frequently visited locations. The bags are provided to the municipality free of charge, and the municipality is responsible for ensuring that bags are always available at the stations. The concept is funded by the sale of advertising space at the stations.

Trash bags

The bags are made of 100% collected and recycled plastic.
All our bags are biodegradable, and we are currently making new bags made entirely of collected and recycled plastic. We will start using the new bags in steps at the beginning of next year.


Metal sign with free trash bags

Trash bags

The bags are made of collected and 100% recycled plastic

Save money and help the environment

Prevent littering

Ett urval av samarbeten där TiksPac tillsammans med kommuner och företag bidragit till en renare miljö