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A profitable and growing company

TiksPac’s business idea is to help care for the environment by keeping walkways and streets clean.
We do this by providing stations with free waste bags for the public. The stations are in the shape of signposts that are installed on metal posts and the waste bags are made of 100% recycled plastic. This is a simple but clever business idea.

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Free garbage bags
We have a substantial market share in the Nordic countries, especially in Sweden, our main market. We have contracts with more than half of the municipalities in Sweden, and we’re currently expanding in the other Nordic countries.

TiksPac is a profitable and expanding company in a stable niche, created by the company. 

The business concept is well tested and has been highly optimised. Most of our customers renew their contracts with us, which suggests that the market sees a value in the product we offer. We are constantly signing new contracts with more and more municipalities. The municipality gets a cleaner environment, without having to pay for the waste bags.

International growth

It is important for our shareholders that we have new markets to enter and new international product areas that can keep our company expanding together with our current products. TiksPac is constantly signing new deals with municipalities, and the number of marketing spots sold is steadily increasing.
TiksPac’s goal is to grow internationally.
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