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Together we keep our community clean!

Keeping the local environment clean provides only benefits. When an area is clean, people tend to want to keep it that way, and a clean environment is perceived as safer. Together we make our municipality/area cleaner and a nicer to live and work.

60 tonnes of waste

During one week of summer in Sweden, 60 tonnes of waste is collected and 35 million pieces of trash are collected from the ground. This means that every person leaves behind on average five pieces of trash per week.
*Source: Håll Sverige Rent 2020

Littering is completely unnecessary

Littering is one of our society’s biggest problems. It hurts people, animals, nature and the oceans, makes the environment less attractive and makes places less safe. It also costs society massive amounts of money.

Trash belongs in the trash bin

Most people agree that littering is wrong, and the interest in sustainability and the environment is increasing around the world. There is a simple solution to littering: Pick up your waste and put it where it belongs – in a waste bin!

Stronger together

Take a bag with you when you go for a picknick, to the beach, on a hike or shopping. It doesn’t matter where you are, you should always pick up your own trash.
  • Grab a free trash bag and put your litter in it
  • Also feel free to pick up litter left behind by others
  • Put the bag in a waste bin
  • Thank you for your help!