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Recycling stations

TiksPac’s recycling stations with free trash bags are provided at no charge to the municipality.

The concept is financed by companies that want to help keep their area clean and show their brand on our stations. Besides the stations and free trash bags, the concept includes the replacement of damaged stations.

We expect the highest quality from our suppliers, and we always choose the best materials available on the market, sustainable, cost effective and high quality.


New recycling stations

TiksPac dog poop bags have been a popular and much requested product for many years. Our concept of stations with free dog poop bags has have many satisfied businesses and municipalities as clients. But we have noticed people use the bags not only for dog poop, but also as regular trash bags. That’s why we have expanded our concept to provide trash and recycling bags to everyone who might need them.

We are continuously renewing our recycling stations to a new design, which blends more into the surrounding environment. We will also be adding an informative text to encourage passers-by to grab a bag and keep their local environment clean. Text at the station explains our concept, and we ensure that all partner businesses are displayed in an attractive way.

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