Out of trash bags?

Order more trash bags

Order more trash bags

You can order more bags using the order form below. If you need new stations or accessories, because a station has been damaged or any other reason, please contact us at order@tikspac.com. Replacement bags are provided free of charge.
Orders can only be placed by councils/cities or companies that are affiliated with TiksPac AB.

If you don’t have a customer number, please contact Mathias Källström:
+46 346-734 694 or e-mail mathias.kallstrom@tikspac.com


    FAQ – Frequently asked questions

    What are the bags made of?
    Our bags are made of biodegradable material and we are currently in the process of manufacturing new bags made entirely of collected and recycled plastic. We will be starting to use the new bags at the beginning of next year.
    The stations often run out of bags, why?
    The councils are provided bags free of charge by TiksPac and report to us when they need more so that we can send new ones.
    What should we do if a station is damaged or vandalised?
    We replace damaged stations free of charge.
    We have ordered new bags but not received any, why?
    Most likely this is because of a human error. Contact us at info@tikspac.se and we will get back to you as soon as possible!